Vocational Services

Our mission encompasses finding work for individuals with disabilities, including those with the most significant disabilities for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred. We believe that work gives everyone, especially those with disabilities, purpose and dignity, and it helps them achieve independence and economic self-sufficiency.

We strive to empower people with disabilities and assist them in achieving the American dream of independence and economic self-sufficiency. We make this possible through a myriad of employment programs and strategies we provide. The Arc employs 89 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Vocational training occurs at our Work Services Program. We secure contract work from businesses. Participants work on contracts such as assembly, kitting, sorting mailings and labeling.

The Arc has enclaves throughout the community. An enclave consists of a small group of participants who go to businesses and complete jobs with staff assistance. We currently do recycling and janitorial work. 

In addition to work done for businesses our workforce makes all natural dog biscuits,  buttons for marketing, and can print materials for businesses with a high capacity printer.

The Arc also helps people with any disability to find jobs throughout the community. Once a job is secured, we train the individual and then fade out of the jobsite, only returning in order to ensure success at work.

Through partnerships in the community, The Arc empowers people with disabilities to realize their dreams of independence and economic self-sufficiency, and connects employers with skilled and motivated workers.

Looking for Good Employees?

Work Service

Have a tight deadline? Need more support staff, but want to control your expenses? Let The Arc handle those occasional or ongoing projects for you. Our work services program employs crews who are eager to provide you with the quality product your company expects at the price your company needs.

Community Supported Employment

Join companies in our community, such as Hewlett Packard, Boys & Girls Club, Discovery Center and Alsco, who have found effective solutions to their staffing needs by partnering with The Arc. Through contract arrangements with your company The Arc provides supervised crews that can complete the work at your facility.

Vocational Placement & Job Training

Let The Arc connect you with screened applicants who are qualified to fill that vacancy within your company. Our professional Employment Specialists are ready to meet with you to discuss your staffing needs and the benefits to your company of hiring employees with disabilities.

Looking for Employment?  

Work Services

Through The Arc’s work services program you can build marketable skills while earning a paycheck. Contract work is performed at The Arc’s facility, and supervision and coaching are provided to ensure that you are gaining the skills you need in order to reach your goals.

 Community Supported Employment    

The Arc partners with companies like Hewlett Packard, and Big Brother Big Sisters to provide work opportunities on supervised crews in the community. Our crews enjoy integration with other staff while maintaining the consistent support of a job coach. 

For more information about our Work Services or Community Supported Employment, contact:

Kathryn Bozzo at 208-422-1756.

Vocational Placement & Job Training

The Arc’s professional Employment Specialists are eager to help you find the job you’ve been looking for. Support is available through all stages of job seeking, including finding job leads, making employer contacts, creating a resume, filling out applications and interviewing skills. In most cases job coaching is available for up to 90 days following job placement to ensure your long term success.

For more information about our Vocational Placement Services, contact: