Sprout Film Festival


The Arc is proud to announce that we are presenting the First Annual Sprout Film Festival at the Egyptian Theatre on October 22, 2011.

Sprout is a unique opportunity to experience film and video related to the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities as subjects and performers remain marginalized in the media. The Sprout Film Festival aims to raise their profile by showcasing works of all genres featuring this population.

There will be two showings on the 22nd, one at 2:00pm and one at 7:00pm.  Each showing will have different films.  To purchase tickets online click here to be directed to the Egyptian Theatre site or contact The Arc at 208-422-1759 to purchase tickets directly.   Channel 6 did an itnerview with our Program Director about the film festival.  Click here to see it. 


The Arc strives to raise awareness about people with disabilities. By presenting films of artistry and intellect, the festival hopes to reinforce accurate portrayals of people with developmental disabilities and expose the general public to important issues facing this population. The goal is an enjoyable and enlightening experience that will help breakdown stereotypes, promoting a greater acceptance of differences and awareness of similarities. A brief sampling of some of the amazing films included in this year’s festival are listed below.


Rudely Interrupted - Click here to see the preview!
Rudely Interrupted is one of Australia’s unique indie rock acts. 5 out of the 6 members share a range of physical and intellectual disabilities (Blindness, Deafness, Asperger’s, Autism and Down syndrome) but most importantly, a common interest in self expresssion through music.  

The Other Child - Click here to see the preview!
Brothers and sisters have a unique window into each other’s world. And when one of the siblings in the family has autism, that window provides a penetrating view into this fascinating and often misunderstood developmental disability.

How’s Your News?: On the Campaign Trail- Click here to see the preview!
The world famous “How’s Your News” crew are at it again with their insightful and, often times, hilarious coverage of the 2004 Presidential campaign.

Jack Blond- Click here to see the preview!

Jack Blond is a regular guy with Down Syndrome - who idolizes James Bond. When a priceless diamond comes to town he gets the chance to prove he's as good as his hero...

For a complete list of movies at each showing, click here.  

 We are soliciting for sponsors for this event. We hope to raise at least $10,000.00 total from our sponsors. If this can be achieved it will allow us to offer an event that will inform and inspire at an affordable cost. We hope to reach over 1,000 attendees at the festival.

Sponsorships are available for $100- $5000.  Contact Nicole Lang at 208-422-1759 for more information on sponsorships. 

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