Les Bois Trail Run choses The Arc as a funds recipient!

The Les Bois 10 K Trail Run has chosen The Arc to be one of the recipients and partners for the event.   Here is some information about The Arc as posted on their website:

"New at the Les Bois 10K—The ARC!!!

This year The Les Bois will partner with The Arc to  collect clothing items to support programs for  Treasure Valley’s citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Most folks think of The Arc as “that group that helps me clean out my closet when they call for clothing donations.”   Many are not aware that  The Arc has been serving the valley for 55 years to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have the supports they need to live a fulfilling life. The programs include life skills development, vocational training/job placement,  residential homes, and recreation.  In 2010 the programs allowed over 650 area residents with developmental disabilities achieve greater levels of independence and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, work and play.  You can find out more about The Arc at www.thearcinc.org

This year, when you come to The Les Bois 10K, use this as an opportunity to weed out the closet for those items that no longer fit (due to size, style, bad memories, or whatever!).  These do not need to be pristine; The Arc has the ability to fully  market and recycle clothing materials in all conditions to support its programs.  Just bring those to the race and we will have donation bins ready for you." "" """"""    

Click here to get more information about the event and to register!