RAVE Event

The Village Movies and Lunch

Event Date: 
April 26th

Let’s go see a new release at the newest movie theater The Village in Meridian.  We will eat lunch either before or after the movie depending on the showing time.

Date – April 26th

Time – To be determined

Cost - $45

Registration Date – April 14th


Northern Lights Cinema

Event Date: 
April 19th

It’s always fun to sit down to a good meal and watch a great movie at the same time!  At the Northern Lights Cinema & Grill we can eat lunch while we watch a movie on the big screen.

Date April 19th


Cost - $40

Registration Dates March 24th


Train Ride with AdVenture

Event Date: 
April 12th

We will join AdVenture as we ride the Thunder Mountain Train and enjoy the entertainment and scenery.  We will eat a late lunch, so you may want to bring some spending money to purchase a snack on the train.

Date April 12th

Time -  9-5pm

Cost - $75

Registration Date Feb 28th


Saturday Night Party with AdVenture

Event Date: 
April 5th

Join RAVE as we party at Fort Boise with AdVenture.  There will be games, music and a lot of food!

Date April 5th

Time 5:30-9:30

Cost - $25

Registration Date March 3rd


Bingo and Pizza

Event Date: 
April 4th

Join RAVE for a relaxed, fun evening of Bingo where everyone is a winner!  Pizza and beverages provided. 

Date – April 4th

Times 4-6pm

Cost - $15

Registration DateMarch 24th


Pizza from Scratch

Event Date: 
March 28th

Everyone loves pizza right?  Well how would you like to learn how to make it homemade?  Join us as we make our own pizza dough and add our own toppings.  We’ll bake it and make it our way!

Date – March 28th

Time – 4-7pm

Cost - $30

Registration Date – March 16th


Sessions starting March 11th

Event Date: 
Music Matters Sessions

Every Tuesday join Matthew Jordan for an hour of musical fun, learning different songs and playing a variety of instruments.

Date - March 11th-April 15th (every Tuesday)

Time 4-5pm

Cost- $90


Event Date: 
RAVE Vacations


2014 RAVE Vacations


Dates and prices of vacations are subject to change, although we will do our best to keep the dates and prices the same as advertised, due to increases in airline fees and event prices the cost may increase or decrease or we may change the dates of the vacation if necessary.


Hawaii Vacation (Waikiki) - May 19-23

Deposit- $1,000 due 3/28/14

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