RAVE Event

Dinner and a Movie

Event Date: 
May 23rd

Time: 4:30-9pm Cost:  $30

Let’s enjoy dining out together and then relax at the movies with some popcorn and beverages.       

Register by– May 12th


BBQ and Dessert

Event Date: 
May 24th

Time: 10:30-2pm Cost: $40

Join RAVE for a fun filled afternoon where we will go to a park and have a BBQ.  Afterwards we will grab some dessert.

Register by-  May 5th


Discovery Center and Dinner

Event Date: 
May 16th

Time: 5-8pm Cost: $40

See just how much there is to discover about our world at the Discovery Center.  Have fun in front of their green screen or see how long you can lay on the bed of nails.  Afterwards we will go out for dinner.

Register by– May 5th


Sessions starting June 10th

Event Date: 
Music Matters Sessions

Every Tuesday join Matthew Jordan for an hour of musical fun, learning different songs and playing a variety of instruments.

Date - June10th-July 15th (every Tuesday)

Time 4-5pm

Cost- $90


Event Date: 
RAVE Vacations


2014 RAVE Vacations


Dates and prices of vacations are subject to change, although we will do our best to keep the dates and prices the same as advertised, due to increases in airline fees and event prices the cost may increase or decrease or we may change the dates of the vacation if necessary.


Hawaii Vacation (Waikiki) - May 19-23

Deposit- $1,000 due 3/28/14

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